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And being busy subsides…for now

This past month my supervisor has been on her sabbatical/honeymoon, and I have had to take over much of her work while she was gone. Along with  this it has also been the busy season at work. I absolutely loved the opportunity to give her the break that she deserves and step inside the operations role more. But during this month, man was I busy! (A good type of busy, one where I got so much done, I was quite proud of my results) But not only have I been busy at work, but in my personal life as well. There hasn’t been a weekend in a couple of weeks that didn’t have a plan attached to it.

But finally I feel like I am not as busy as I have been this past couple of weeks! And it feels nice and relaxing 🙂 With new found time, I plan on making the most of my days, both in my social media world, ,my work world, and my personal world.

I might start being more busy with the move coming up, but that is a busy I am really really excited about. We move in ONE MONTH! I heart my apartment building and our new city!

Running: An update on my running. It has become a regular thing now, and I couldn’t be happier! The running group has really helped, this week was our first week of it and its worked well 🙂 After exactly 1 month of running I am up to 3.4 miles, and I have lost a couple pounds while doing it. I am getting back into my running groove! I’ve been using MapMyRun, a tool that I absolutely love to track my progress.

Along with getting back into the running scene I have started to set some running goals for myself. A HUGE goal that my running mate/co-worker  Liz and I have set is to run a marathon before we are 30 (inspired by an awesome running co-worker Amy ) but in order to get to that goal we first must reach smaller goals.

My first goal…get to 4.5 miles by June 1st. #startingsmall



Along with my weekly blog posts, I wanted to give myself an outlet for other talk, my personal talk. A place to share things about life. With getting back into running full time, work, and my upcoming nuptials; I wanted to share with my readers what I’m going through day to day. So I created this section to get my talk on.

Running group: On the 15th I ran a 5k for the first time since high school. My time was 34:20, it was a huge race I came in 1088 out of 1311 people. I was pretty proud of myself! I made the decision only two weeks before, and started to train then. I had been to the gym on and off for the past year using the elliptical, but I hadn’t run run for I don’t know how long. During the two weeks I went from running a mile to running two miles taking half a mile walk, and running another mile. I didn’t get to running the full 3 miles (5k) until the day of the race; so that day my goal was to not stop. So getting that time was amazing for me! During the two weeks of training I had dropped three pounds, without adjusting my diet, so of course this got me thinking if I actually try to not only exercise regularly, but adjust my diet too, it could help me a lot. After running the 5k with my friends we decided to start a running group. Tomorrow will be our first day of running together, we will be running three times a week together and then working up to more; I will try to run a total of four days a week. Along with this new exercise routine I am going to make more of an effort with my eating habits. I have been dieting for a couple months now, but have more slip ups than I’d like, so this will give me a chance to try not to have as many slips ups. I am excited to start tomorrow, trying to get my running back to where it used to be, and to better my nutrition.


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