ode to checklist manifesto

For our full staff days we read books, and have book club meetings during the days. For the one coming up, we are reading checklist manifesto. I am definitely a checklist type of person, so of course this had to do with me leaning towards this book when we needed to choose one. As an avid checklist keeper, I have my daily to-do list and i flag all of my emails, so that I can check them off one by one.

But it wasn’t until I read the book that I really started to understand the “science” behind the checklist. The author describes checklists to be not only for personal use, but a way to communicate, which of course I never thought of. If multiple people are going off of the same checklist, they can ensure that the other people are doing the task right, and of course that they are completing the tasks.

So this got me thinking, how can I use checklists in a new way? A way to not only use checklists personally, but to communicate with others. I won’t share my ideas for work since we haven’t had our book club meeting yet, but I have even thought of ways to use it in my personal life. In June my fiance and I are moving, which entails a great attention to detail. Not only so we know where we packed things, but so that the administrative things are taken care of as well. I plan to make a checklist of things we need to change address wise, along with what utilities we need to cancel in the old place, and add to the new place. The other checklist will be a location mapper of where everything is, so when we are unpacking we will know what box contains what items (thanks Liz and Joe for the idea!). Not only will these checklists help me personally to stay organize, it will be a way to communicate to my fiance what has been done and what needs to be done, so we are both on the same page during the process.

How do you use checklists? Have you ever thought of them as communication tools?


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