starting conversations

I find myself to be an introvert/extrovert..can there be a middle ground? Once I feel comfortable with people I know, I can talk and talk and talk no problem..but it’s those first couple moments of starting conversations, I am really quiet and more of an introvert. Later on in the conversations is when I become more comfortable. I also have a tendency to be an introvert when I am talking in front of crowds. But I am trying to work on both, trying to expand myself!

This month is kind of my own personal test to grow these two things, especially at work. My supervisor is gone on her sabbatical and I am taking over a couple of her tasks. One of these tasks includes running a full staff event, (talking to a crowd). In preparation for this I have a meeting set up with one of my awesome co-workers that has won awards through her public speaking club. She is going to give me tips on speaking in front of crowds, which allows me to check that off the list for growth.

But now I need to think of a way to grow in the other, trying to work on escaping my introvert tendencies when I start conversations.

I’m struggling a bit on finding out how to work on this. Of course I know the basics, but what can I do beyond that to help myself start communication off right? I feel confident in myself that being conscious of making this change will help, but what more can I be doing in terms of practicing? Does anyone out there have tips for this?


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