sometimes you just have to TALK

The last couple of weeks have been really busy for me. I haven’t been stressed per-say but I have felt disconnected. Even though I was technically on my social media portals, but I didn’t feel engaged. I was behind on my twitter feed, didn’t even look at Facebook, and hardly touched my email. This was NOT a good feeling for me, I felt that I was missing something, and it was the TALK!

But this weekend, I made an effort and I got my TALK back! I engaged personally with my friends, I met new people, I had a twitter conversation (teaching my fiance and friends how to use it), and I started back on my social media portals. Boy was I missing out! I instantly felt different, I was smiling more, I felt emotionally better, and just happier. That was the moment I realized just how important being able to CONNECT and COMMUNICATE with people is.

Communication is an important part of people’s lives; hey its the reason why I wrote this blog! My appreciation for it is ever-growing, I am learning something every day about why communication is so important to people. As I learned from this experience, being disconnected can give you a bad feeling. You feel unattached from the world around you. Communication livens up your life. It is a great thing. With all these new communication tools, it’s easier to stay connected, and even connect with many more people than you ever could before.


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