The world of blogging, is such a wonderful place. Blogging is a great place where you can share your opinions with the world, write about things that are happening around you, or even just a place to write about  yourself.

I want to talk about blogging, because it has become such a huge part of my life these past couple months. It first started with a new years resolution, to update my use of social media. I changed the way I used twitter (actually using it correctly!) and I updated a blog I had started sometime last year. But soon after I started to revitalize my old blog, that even started to die. After paying closer attention to other blogs, I noticed my blog was sort of all over the place. It had so many different topics, that I hardly was getting any followers, so I decided to just start from scratch…again! I deleted my old blog and started, this time i started using wordpress (which I love so much better), and I focused my posts to one topic, interactions (which i have a passion for).

Blogging came up in other ways too, through work and my personal life:

1. After a full staff day at work in early February, we talked about “shipping ideas” which created the talk of a blog/twitter based on the operations of our organization. We finally launched last week, its called Wish You Worked Here.

2. After I re-started my blog, I started to get advice from Katie (who is a social media queen).When we sat down over coffee to blog chat we came up with the idea for Blogs Books Bytes.Which is an interactive blogs and book club, because we both have passions for both topics.

3. Not only has my organization started a blog for operations, but a blog has been started (comes out next week!) for College Life. I’m not a part of it personally (although I may guest post) but hear about the progress all the time. The buzz around the office is infectious and I’m so proud that our organization is doing such amazing things!

So now I am now a part of three blogs: talkbetweenpeople, Blogs Books Bytes, and now Wish You Worked Here. I am so excited for each of them and I hope to grow my blogging skills even more from them.

Does anyone else manage multiple blogs? How do you go about staying equally engaged? Do you find that one is more successful than the other (two of the blogs have many more hits than this one) how do I get an even distribution of who is reading my blog?


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