This week has made me think a lot about the power of friendship. I had many opportunities to have heart to hearts with friends..both in person and online. It didn’t matter the source of the interaction just interacting with them made me feel good. When I was stressed they helped me relieve it, when I was sad, they helped cheer me up, when I was happy, they helped me celebrate. All these interactions that I had with my friends  got me thinking about how we interact with friends.

Friends are there for you no matter what, through the thick and thin, you have a special bond with them, and you feel like you can tell them anything. Friends can be someone you connect with on a deep level, or just someone who shares your interests.

The interactions that you have with your friends not only make you feel good, but they can even effect your brain. The attached study proves that your brain reacts more when you are interacting with a friend, than a stranger. I find this article interesting because it shows how valuable a friendship can be. It is so important even your brain reacts!

Even if you are not sitting down with a friend, face to face, any kind of interaction with them is always fun. Whenever I see a text, a tweet, an email, or even a missed call from a friend, it always gets me interested. I always want to know what they are up to and can’t wait to hear what they have to tell me. This isn’t the case with others, it’s a special thing that I only associate with friends. The interactions are different, but how do they become this way? How do we become so connected to these people? Friends don’t always start out being your friends, where does that cross over happen?

How important are friends to you? How would you say your interactions with friends differ from other everyday interactions?


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