knowledge sharing through social media

10 years ago the way we shared information was completely different. People read the morning paper and watched the evening news to find out up to date information on what was happening with the world. When they wanted to talk to their friends from high school to share news of having a baby or getting married, they picked up the phone and called them. But now all of that has changed!

With the revolution of social media, the way we get our information is completely different. You wake up and check your Twitter updates before even reading the morning paper, you can find out the news up to the second, even faster than checking their whole website. Some people hardly even watch the evening news because you already know most of the segments. On the social side, if you want to find out information about people you know, you just check Facebook and check their profiles. Or you can see what types of events are happening around you that you are interested in. The way we share knowledge is completely different these days. Social media is even making the news about being so revolutionary. It has helped guide political issues to be brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds.

This topic is really interesting to me because I find it fascinating how much life has changed based on how we receive and share knowledge. Getting information is not what it used to be. If you don’t get information up to the minute then you feel left behind. Something that could have made news this morning is old news by the time you get home from work. How does one keep up with all this information? Is it too much information? What if you work at an organization that doesn’t allow you to use Facebook or Twitter, are you completely out of the loop? Should organizations start allowing employees to access these sites just to have the right to gain knowledge that everyone else has? Share your thoughts on the topic!


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