Weird title I know..but we all do it. Not only do we communicate with others most of the day, but we probably communicate with ourselves the same amount. Talking to yourself occurs more often than you might consciously think. But it’s not a bad thing, talking to yourself can spark ideas, help you remember things, and just motivate you.

I bring this topic up because I have found myself doing this a lot this past week. As my birthday approaches (Friday 🙂 ) I find myself talking to myself more and more. Birthdays for me are a time to reflect on my year and to give myself new/more resolutions for the year (if I’m not keeping up with my new years ones). So I find myself talking to myself more than usual.

One of my resolutions for this year will be to incorporate talking to myself more, by taking time out of my day to reflect, come up with new ideas, and also think of ways to just better myself.

I do want to thank my friend/co-worker Katie and her #challenge26 for the inspiration, I wouldn’t have challenged myself without her! I encourage you all to take time and talktoyourself and maybe even take one of her challenges!


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