Ever since I learned about collaboration in my Master’s program, the topic has interested me. Collaboration was taught to us as being a great way for organizations to come together internally to create amazing ideas. It is something that is usually suggested for organizations to do in order to better their business. Collaboration is the ” Cooperative arrangement in which two or more parties work jointly towards a common goal”.

I bring this topic up because I have been thinking a lot about collaboration recently because I’ve been seeing it a lot in my everyday life. Between collaboration on a personal project I am starting with someone (details to come), work, and even the current state of the government, it has got me thinking about the “TALK” behind collaboration.

As it’s definition states two or more parties work together on a goal. But usually when you have two people (or more) working together on a project they will come in with their different mindsets on what they want this final goal/project to be. Collaboration can be easy if the two parties have the same mindset because they both want to achieve the same thing in the same way, but what happens if they come in with different mindsets? How do you get these two parties to actually work together and collaborate?

I find that collaboration always works better when in the initial planning meeting everyone puts everything on the table and shares their perspectives and visions for the goals, if they really TALK to each other. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and at least can see where everyone is coming from. From that point on, when working together you can go back to that first meeting and think back on the other parties perspective.

So when you collaborate you just need to remember to not only collaborate, but TALK while meeting. Collaboration is a great thing and I think if more people worked this way, they could achieve great things.


One response to “collaboration

  1. Rana – awesome post! I love the advice that you share about putting everything on the table during planning meetings. I was recently reading the book on meetings/planning, and they talk about meetings in great detail… I kept asking myself “what’s missing” – you got it TALKING – sharing perceptions, visions and goals!

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